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Rodent control

Decades of experience in rodent control

Rats and mice gnaw at packages, causing wastage and extra costs. Helsingin Tehotorjunta has long-term experience with rodents and their behaviour.

Rodent control starts with analysing the problem and preparing a control plan. Then the problem is solved in a controlled and cost-efficient manner, carrying out measures throughout the year to prevent any additional damage.

We use non-chemical methods for rat and mouse control: electric Victor Pest rodent traps, carbon dioxide-based Goodnature A24 rodent traps and Ecorodent 9310 bait stations.

Covering any openings into buildings with nets is also an efficient means of preventing rodent problems. With respect to chemical pest control, we only use biocides approved by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).


Selling of rodent traps and bait stations.

We sell rodent traps of Victor Pest, the leading manufacturer of rodent control equipment in the world. These traps electrocute rats and mice very efficiently and quickly. Closed traps are an easy and safe way of eliminating rodents without having to touch them. The trap has an LED light to indicate when the trap has to be emptied. 

We also sell advanced Goodnature A24 carbon dioxide traps. This trap kills up to 24 rodents with one gas cartridge. Rats and mice die immediately after touching the trigger that launches the piston. The trap then resets automatically, pulling the piston back to be ready for the next strike. The durable rodent trap is excellent for long-term outdoor use. The same bait lasts up to six months. 

In addition, we sell Ecorodent 9310 bait stations. They are excellent for outdoor use as they endure harsh weather conditions. The large entrance opening makes them particularly suitable for rat control. The bait station is equipped with special safety mechanisms, protecting the rodent poison so that pets and children cannot get in contact with it. 

Victor Pest electric rodent trap

Price: 85,00 € (VAT 0%)
Price: 105,40 € (VAT 24%)

Goon Nature A24 carbondioxide trap

Price: 319 € (VAT 0%)
Price: 395,56 € (VAT 24%)

Ecorodent 9310 bait station

Price: 7,50 € (VAT 0%)
Price: 9,30 € (VAT 24%)