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Problem birds

Efficiently get rid of pigeons, jackdaws and gulls

Pigeons, jackdaws and gulls are the most common causes of problems in such structures as buildings, garages, marketplaces and patios. Bird droppings are a direct health risk for people. In addition, droppings can corrode structures.

Birds nesting in residential, public and industrial buildings also expose the buildings to pest insect, rat and mouse problems.

Ecobirds – the best bird control products on the market

Helsingin Tehotorjunta has decades of experience in problem bird control and the use of different bird control products. Ecobirds bird barriers (bird spikes) provide the most efficient solution on the market for the management of bird problems. Bird control products can be mounted onto different buildings and building materials.

Ecobirds bird control products

BUDDYSUN bird barriers for solar panels

The advanced BUDDYSUN bird barriers can prevent birds from gathering and nesting under solar panels. They efficiently seal the gap between the rooftop and solar panels. BUDDYSUN barriers can be mounted on any type of panels and roofs without reducing the performance of the panels.

BUDDYSUN bird barriers for solar panels


Selling of Ecobirds bird control products

We also sell Ecobirds bird control products for self-mounting. The products are easy to mount, weather-proof and unobtrusive. Bird control products are mounted on buildings to prevent the presence and nesting of birds without harm to the birds or the buildings.

The models


EUR 8,60/metre/VAT 0%
EUR 10,66/metre/VAT 24%


EUR 8,60/metre/VAT 0%
EUR 10,66/metre/VAT 24%


EUR 8,75/metre/VAT 0%
EUR 10,85/metre/VAT 24%


EUR 9,25/metre/VAT 0%
EUR 11,47/metre/VAT 24%


EUR 9,40/metre/VAT 0%
EUR 11,66/metre/VAT 24%


EUR 9,17/metre/VAT 0%
EUR 11,37/metre/VAT 24%

BUDDYSUN bird barriers for solar panels

17,00 (VAT 0%)
21,08 € (VAT 24%)

Mounting a bird control product

Choose the product according to the mounting site. Measure the width of the mounting surface (e.g., eaves flashing, air duct, sprinkler pipe, wood covering). Choose a suitable model. Clean the mounting surface of dirt, dust, bird droppings, etc. Secure the product in place with silicone glue, nails or screws. Mount the elements one after the other. Horizontally, the maximum gap between two elements is 5 cm. If the gap is larger, birds may be able to get in between the elements.

A bird control product element is 50 cm tall and 11 cm wide.

The elements have ready-made cut-off points if you have to cut them shorter.